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18 September 2005 @ 07:37 pm
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1) What song/movie would you recommend to lust_for_life? TKO by Le Tigre.
2) Would unbroken be a better ninja or pirate? ...Ninja.
3) If unbroken had a superpower, what would it be? Supreme having-the-coolest-wife-ever-y-ness?
4) What is wearefour's favorite color? Stormer's is red. Shadow's is black. Shifter doesn't have one. Strife... probably also red.
5) Does wearefour do drugs? Fuck no.
6) What would wearefour think of lytii_intuition? I think they're friends.
7) Would domina_igne go out with lytii_intuition? No.
8) What video game does lytii_intuition remind you of? She doesn't.
9) What planet should wearefour be from? One of those snowglobe things, I think.
10) Which president would domina_igne be likely to idolize? I don't know...
11) What do you disagree with domina_igne about? I don't think she approves of my morals.
12) Would lust_for_life and unbroken make a good couple? A thousand gallons of no, as Liz would say.
13) Is unbroken a college student? No.
14) What is lytii_intuition allergic to? Normality.
15) If wearefour was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Um.
16) Are wearefour and domina_igne married? No. Well, Liz is married. To Henry. Lucky bugger.
17) Where would unbroken most like to visit? Er...? No idea.
18) What languages does wearefour speak? English. Possibly French. A bit of that odd gabble Eights and Inty have.
19) Is unbroken friends with lytii_intuition? I think so.
20) Have you flirted with unbroken? No, but I hit on his wife once.
21) What would you do if lust_for_life died? Be fairly sad. And if applicable, track down the bugger who did it and introduce 'em to Prometheus in a nonfriendly fashion.
22) Does wearefour have a crush on lytii_intuition? ...Worlds upon worlds of no.
23) How would lytii_intuition kill domina_igne? She wouldn't?
24) Is domina_igne an emo? Not when I'm around.
25) Where was lytii_intuition born? I don't think either of 'em remembers.
Liz Sherman-Townshend: kiddingdomina_igne on September 20th, 2005 06:01 am (UTC)
2. I'd go with pirate...generally he's too big to be sneaky....generally.
3. Thank you.
7. Poor girl, these things always want to hook her up with people.
10. I actually really liked Clinton. He did a lot for our funding. Didn't know it, but he did.
11. I don't know what they are, so I can't really say so either way.
16. He's not the only lucky one, you know.
20. That was a strange day.
23. I sure hope not. I don't know if abstracts can catch on fire.
24. I have been called goth, which I understand is somewhat similar, just with more black clothing.
Alice Reisertadorable_alice on September 20th, 2005 10:36 am (UTC)
((Wait, what?

...*kicks email* You told me this was one of a different user's posts! Die!

Ignore my stupidity, please.))

2. Ah.
3. *smile* Welcome.
7. I'm startin' to get that.
10. You do have a point htere.
11. ...Huh.
16. *smile*
20. ...Sorry.
23. I don't think they can. Not sure though.
24. Nah. I've been called goth. It's generally a lot scarier than emo.